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In his 14-year professional career, Roald has evolved from a classically trained industrial designer into a designer/consumer insight specialist. He brings an expansive view of design - encompassing product, service, and communication - and a holistic approach to process: uncovering insights about behavioral patterns and cultural trends, mapping opportunity spaces through strategic frameworks and expressing compelling product/service opportunities. 

Roald has a demonstrated track record in fusing consumer insight development with design: creating a profound understanding of human behavioral patterns, beliefs, values, habits, desires, motives, emotions and needs, and translating this understanding into creative product/service opportunities. Recent clients include Google, Aegon, KLM, NS and Philips.

Specialties: Qualitative consumer insight research 
Reframing (a.k.a. VIP or Vision in Product design)
New product development (idea generation/concepting)
Translating consumer insights into potent products, services and/or policies
Human centered design

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