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Join our 24 What Design Can Do Workshops end of May!

1 Apr 2017

Last year, spring 2016, Reframing Academy conducted a Reframing session on the WDCD conference theme of Refugees. The workshop, preceded by a keynote speech of Nynke Tromp, attracted 100 participants completely overwhelming our moderators who expected around 30.

This year we come prepared! We will curate all 24 'activation sessions'. The conference theme will be Climate Change. All workshops are designed to be stand-alone sessions but there is also an overarching set of 'viewing angles' through which we look at Climate Change. We developed Political sessions, Economic sessions, sessions on Food and Mobility, on Media and Technology. There will be sessions that will get your hands dirty, you will get close to movers and shakers, you will engage in cerebral inquisitions into your moral values, you will witness your profession being sued in court, you will prepare and taste food.

But most of all you will walk out of these sessions realizing your view on your profession has profoundly changed!

SIgn up while tickets are available!