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Reframing mindset

A series of reframing workshops focused on a specific theme or domain.

In this course you create meaningful solutions for complex design issues. Along the way, you develop a reframing mindset by applying the Reframing Method on a theme, domain or design issue of your choice in an up-tempo design process.

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4 half days

On location or online

Group size
3-12 people

Cost per group
€15.000 ex. VAT

Request training
Request training
For who?

This course is created for everyone who is involved or interested in creating meaningful solutions for complex design issues, and seeks support or inspiration for doing so. This is ideal for groups of professionals who work together in a team or partnership and wish to align their approaches or views on a specific topic or challenge. No specific background is needed to participate.

What will you do?

In this course you will engage in each phase of the Reframing Method. Starting with the right design question all the way to idea generation. Each new step is introduced through a mini lecture or a demonstration (like a live expert interview), which you will immediately apply on a personal or fictional design case.

What is the right starting point for meaningful innovation? When is an innovation future proof? How to deal with ethical dilemmas that you encounter along an innovation process? And how do you make the link between the present and the future? We will reflect on each step we take to understand how to apply your learnings in your daily practice.

What will you learn?

You will leave with a proper set of design tools and fresh angles on the theme or domain in question. Ready to kickstart or continue your quest to take charge of complex societal, organizational, and environmental issues.

"The Reframing Method is a strong means of creating inspiration and connection, both within and outside the organization. It has strengthened our internal and external network."
Time commitment

Attendance of all participants in the four workshops. Intake and wrap up can take place with a select group of people.

Course setup

Intake | During an one hour intake we discuss your main learning objective, the current innovation activities and challenges in your team or organization to understand how the Reframing Method is complementary to your way of working, and the theme or domain that you wish to focus on during the course.

4 workshops | An experienced team of reframers guide you through the reframing process in 4 sessions of approximately 3,5 hours each. The time span of the program is open for discussion.

Aftercare | After the program we offer two hours of after care. To support you in your innovation project, to brainstorm on how to tackle challenges you may encounter, to answer any questions or to dive even deeper in one of the Reframing steps.

What do you get?

• An hour intake
• 4 workshops of approximately 3,5 hours each
• Professional guidance by an experienced team of reframers
• A course guide and supporting materials
• Two hours aftercare

What is not included?

• Location
• Travel costs
• Food and drinks

Request training

Are you interested in this training, or want to know more about it? Please drop us a line and we will get back to you.

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