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Reframing inspiration

An interactive lecture to experience the value of Reframing.

In over 30 years of applying the Reframing Method to complex design challenges, we gathered an interminable number of experiences. We have overcome many challenges and celebrated both successes and failures. And we love to share these stories with you.

1-2 hours

On location or online

Group size

1 hour | €500 ex. VAT
2 hours | €750 ex. VAT

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For who? 

The lecture is valuable for everyone: all kinds of professionals, students, organizations, specific groups on for example events, or design agencies. We adjust our story to what is most relevant and inspiring to you. As long as you are interested in innovating for a meaningful society.

What will you do?

During this lecture an experienced reframer will introduce the purpose and function of the Reframing Method while sharing inspiring examples from practice. We don't believe a valuable learning experience is a passive one. Our lectures contain (if the setting allows for it) interactive elements with the audience. This allows us to steer the conversation to a deeper level of engagement.

What will you learn?

Depending on the learning objective of the audience, we dive in specific elements of our design process. How can you for example involve very diverse groups of end users? How to collaborate with various types of partners? Or how to start with the right design question? You will leave the room with an entirely new perspective by on complex design challenges, inspired by the examples from practice and enriched by ideas on how the Reframing Method can be of value in your daily practice.

What do you get?

• A 30 minute intake
• An imaginative presentation
• A Reframing handout

What is not included?

• Location
• Travel costs

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Are you interested, or want to know more about it? Please drop us a line and we will get back to you.

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