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Reframe it yourself

An elaborate coaching trajectory while targeting a design challenge of your choice.

Step in the shoes of a reframer, immerse yourself in all the phases of the Reframing Method and apply your new skills on a design challenge that is relevant to you.

4 to 6 months

A combination of online and on location

Group size
4-20 people

Starting from €25.000 ex. VAT

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For who?

This course is suitable for groups of professionals who want to apply the Reframing Method in a full design process, and want to gain much knowledge doing so. Who are willing to invest time to actively develop new skills and intend to apply them in complex innovation projects, now and in the future. We welcome every person in our classroom, but we have experienced that a certain level of abstract- and creative thinking is beneficial for this program. We encourage to participate as a group, so you will all familiarize with a new way of working and learn to speak the same 'innovation language'.

What will you do?

In this program you will internalize and apply the skills of a reframer. You will be educated and coached by an experienced team of reframers, but you will be the one carrying out the work during and between the workshops. You will conduct interviews with end users and experts, dive into literature, explore the future world and identify future behavior. You will learn how to strategically position yourself in the future context while taking responsibility for the impact on people and planet. Finally, you will develop a detailed idea that illustrates how you aim to reach your desired effect.

what will you learn?

The value of this course is not only the rich set of design skills that you will acquire. By following the process as a group, you will create a shared story. Every group member is involved in each step of the process and important decisions are mutually made. You will leave with a detailed idea that relates to your original design challenge.

Participant Hema accelerator
"I have learned to use the Reframing Method to structure research in a completely new way and to be very alert to your own assumptions in research."
Time commitment

Attendance of the 6 daypart workshops by all participants and investing approximately one and a halve day of your time in between each of the workshops. Intake and after care can take place with a select group.

course setup

Intake | During an one hour intake we discuss the learning objective of the group, the current innovation proces in your organization to understand how the Reframing Method is complementary to your way of working, and the design challenge that you wish to tackle during the course.

6 workshops & in between coaching  | An experienced team of reframers guide you through the Reframing process in 6 sessions of approximately 3,5 hours each. In between the sessions we arrange consults for extra support in the Reframing activities you carry out. The time span of the program is open for discussion, though for this course it is essential that there is enough time in between the workshops to create revelant content.

Aftercare (3 hours) | During an hour wrap up we evaluate your experience of the program and the embedding of the main learnings in your organization. Furthermore you get two more hours with us for support in your innovation project, to detail your concept a bit further, to use our illustration skills or to dive deeper in one of the steps of the Reframing Method.

What do you get?

• An hour intake
• Professional guidance by an experienced team of reframers during 
• 6 workshops
• 5 consultations
• A Reframing manual and supporting materials
• Three hours of aftercare

What is not included?

• Location
• Travel costs
• Food and drinks

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