Lucca Kroot

Designer and Researcher

Lucca Kroot graduated as a designer from the Willem de Kooning academy in Rotterdam in 2021. In her graduation research she investigated the impact of the Corona lockdown on adolescents. For six months she worked with them to map out their experiences. She designed a conversation tool that made it easier to find the right words to talk about your emotions.

After graduating, Lucca started working as a designer at Reframing studio where she, among other projects, worked on a visual language for Mentaal Lokaal Wassenaar and designed a free play playround for children commissioned by the Rotterdamse Bondgenoten.

She is an empathetic conceptual thinker who puts the end user first. With her visual attitude, she knows how to translate complex visions and stories into accessible experiences or images.

Lucca Kroot
Reframing Studio

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