Justus Tomlow


Justus is our in-house reframing master. He has a natural ability to help you look beyond your normal frame of reference. It's why he is called the 'free-radical' or 'visionary' of the studio.

Since his earliest memories, Justus loves to take things apart and put the pieces back again for different uses, both on a physical and philosophical level. In a seemingly chaotic and unpredictable world, he just needs to know how something works. By breaking things apart he discovers new patterns and bigger pictures. Thus, through this study of how things work, he has gradually found a more important objective than the know how: the know why. Justus graduated at the formerly "know how" oriented faculty of Industrial Design Engineering at Delft University of Technology. As a student, he was one of Matthijs's 'guinea pigs' for testing the earlier versions of the "know why" Reframing design approach. To this day, the Reframing method is an inspiration in his daily research and design practice.

Besides his 'always-on' design mind, Justus is also known for his love of cars. A 'hands-on' passion for tinkering on or roaming about and dreaming away. Beyond this physical connection with actual cars, he is amazed by all the different relations humans have with this object on wheels. The diverse human relations with cars and the vastly complex automotive industry as a whole is a great source of stories and developments that help him form a better understanding of humanity and human behaviour at large.

Justus Tomlow
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