Femke de Boer

Senior Design Strategist

As a senior design strategist Femke leads teams in creating their best work while partnering with clients to help them understand their changing environment and envisioning alternative futures and narratives. 

Femke is passionate about finding tangible solutions to complex, societal design challenges. During her time at Reframing Studio she has worked in a wide range of domains including healthcare, mobility, finance and public design. Femke has developed the information system guidelines for the Dutch Railways and was responsible for the development a future vision on the way the national government deals with information. She has worked on organ donation policies and was involved in confidential future scenario projects for companies like Samsung and Hitachi. 
Together with Deltares she is developing the concept of Flood Resilient Landscapes. In this project we are envisioning how The Netherlands can accommodate rising water levels and water stress and how we can adapt as a society. 
In addition to her work at Reframing Studio Femke is board member of the Redesigning Society foundation and part of the Patterns of Life research project. The Patterns of Life project aims to study and develop new forms of diagnostic and prognostic cocreation between clients and professionals in the field of mental health care. 
In 2018, together with Beatrijs, Femke opened the Rotterdam office of Reframing Studio.

Femke De Boer
Reframing Studio

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