Emilie Tromp

Senior Designer and Researcher

Emilie Tromp received her master’s degree in Industrial Design from Delft University of Technology in 2007. Her graduation thesis treated the design of collaborative furniture for Gispen. Working for fashion company G-Star she learnt how to translate brand values into customer experience, The designs of flagship and franchize stores as examples, but also pavillions, showrooms and a boat.

At DAY Creative Business Partners she learnt to guide companies in the search for appropriate future (brand) values and how companies can implement these in all their touch points. She also designed brand books, shop interiors and exhibitions for Ziggo and Puccini and the Abu Dhabi Port Terminal, among others.

At Reframing Studio since 2013, she has been involved as a project leader and senior reframer in projects for the Dutch Railways, the Municipality of Amsterdam, KLM Zorgnet-Icuro and various healthcare and health organizations. Her recent work with formal and informal organizations in the social domain focuses on disease prevention, effective behavior change and prevention of relapse, but also on how organizations in the domain can work together to achieve prevention.

In her spare time Emilie plays and teaches capoeira, the Brazilian fight-dance in which rhythm, music and dialogue are central.

Emilie Tromp
Reframing Studio

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