Arjen Oenema

Senior Designer

Arjen Oenema is fascinated how design (products, services, etc) is able to affects someone's attitude and behaviour, which can ultimately lead to meaningful change for society. He graduated cum laude from TU Delft in 2013 and obtained his Master's degree in Design for Interaction. For his graduation project, he developed a vision on how to encourage people to grow vegetables on a small scale. At Reframing Studio he worked on the future of dairy farming, together with Courage, IJssellandschap and two farmers; Living with salt and sweet water in 'de binnenduinrand', together with Provincie Noord-Holland; and the tool 'Mentaal Wegwijs' together with Mentaal Lokaal and Orangehill.

Arjen loves it when product, services or systems come to life. He has been a maker from an early age. In addition to his work at Reframing Studio, Arjen is a junior partner at KILO. As a CNC artisan he designs and produces flat-pack furniture in the Amsterdam store.

Arjen Oenema
Reframing Studio

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